Hansan släpper ny singel – ”Vårt långa land”

Makaki Music är glada att släppa första singeln ”Vårt långa land” från kommande albumet ”Blod eller bläck”

Lyssna här – https://orcd.co/gaqpkpx

Hansan – Blod eller bläck

Release date – 14/2/2023

Record label: Makaki Music

Svensk-Tyska duon Hansan är tillbaka med nya låtar efter 2020s rosade ”Nattflykt”. Nya albumet ”Blod eller bläck” släpps 14e februari och föregås av tre singlar, ”Sommarvisa” som släpptes 2021, ”Vårt långa land” som vann folkets röst i kategorin Nutida Folkmusik på Folk och Världsmusikgalan 2021, men inte har släppts officiellt förrän nu (16/1/2023), samt titelspåret ”Blod eller bläck” (30/1/2023).

Hansan har sina rötter i Folkmusik och Jazz men på nya skivan har de utvecklats både mot mer rytmiska arrangemang samt till svävande filmiska toner – allt med bara cello och sång. Det är nästan så att man ser bilderna framför sig i låten ”Du är allt” och ”Flyger”. Samtidigt kan man ta ett djupt andetag och vila i mjuka jazzpoppiga ”Om vi inte” och ”Sommarvisa”. 

Som vi märkte redan på debutalbumet, är texterna är en viktig del av Hansans musik, och även på nya skivan vävs socialrealistiska texter som ”Vårt långa land” – om immigration och utanförskap och ”Vår värld” som tar oss till en dystopisk framtid, ihop med längtan, kärlek och det svenska vemodet.

Det är inte en överdrift att säga att det inte finns något band i Sverige just nu som låter likadant.

Credits: Text och musik: Sofia Talvik & David Floer

Cello: David Floer

Sång: Sofia Talvik

Mix & Master; Hans Olsson, Svenska Grammofonstudion

2020 Annual Christmas Single from Sofia Talvik

Sofia Talvik - This Mess We're In - Cover

Sofia Talvik is back with her annual Christmas single. This is a free download.

Go and listen / download it here:

Read more about the release directly from Sofia Talvik on her artist page here:

As an added bonus this year Sofia Talvik also added a stripped down one guitar and vocals version, which is also part of a digital EP called “Notes For Christmas” with acoustic versions of her two latest Christmas singles as well as a traditional Swedish Christmas song performed in Swedish and German.

Get the bonus EP here:

Det är jul – Hansan releases new Christmas single.

Hansan - Det är jul - Cover

The Swedish-German duo Hansan released their debut album “Nattflykt” in May 2020. The album has been critically acclaimed in both Swedish and European media.

“Det är Jul” is a stand-alone single, a Christmas song that really reflects the anything but perfect 2020. A dark and lonely Christmas, a Christmas where you crawl out of your skin due to quarantine and social distancing.

“Det är Jul” is nothing like the merry and romantic Christmas songs we normally hear, but with Hansan’s special sound with lush layers of cello and vocals that catches your attention every time you hear them, this is still a given newcomer to all of this year’s Christmas playlists.

Or as Hansan themselves put it, “It’s Christmas, can’t we just live in peace?”.

Hansan’s debut album “Nattflykt” is now available on all streaming platforms and as digital and physical copy on https://hansan.bandcamp.com

Fjärilsvärld – New Video from Hansan

Hansan - Fjärilsvärld - Video

Makaki Music is proud to present a new video from Swedish / German folk duo Hansan.

The video for the song “Fjärilsvärld” is a collaboration between Hansan and Tanz-Zentrale Leipzig.

Choreography and dance direction Lisa Hofmann. Dancers: Luzi Madrid Villanueva, Cecilia Nesler, Fine Saelzter, Franzi Becker, Hanna Jacobi, Isabella Grundei, Lara Wunch. Dancers filmed by: Lisa Hofman, Emma Kleiner, Konstantin Tsakalidis, Lara Wunch.

New unplugged album from Sofia Talvik

Sofia Talvik - Paws of a Bear - Unplugged - Cover

On June 29th acclaimed Swedish artist Sofia Talvik is presenting an unplugged version of “Paws of a Bear” which was released to critical acclaim last Fall.

”Paws of a Bear, finds Talvik taking a more Americana-flavored approach – influenced by Jason Isbell, Valerie June and others” – Billboard.com

“This album is solid gold from start to finish” – Americana Highways

”Talvik’s voice is a thing of thing of singular beauty.” – Goldmine Magazine

When all her shows were canceled due to Corona, Sofia starting doing online concerts – and her fans started asking if there would be any recordings of them available. So on June 29th an unplugged version of Paws of a Bear, with 10 of the original tracks, plus two bonus tracks – all onetakes, with vocals and guitar – will be ­available on all digital platforms as well as a limited edition of CDs

Paws of a Bear – Unplugged

Sofia Talvik - Paws of a Bear - Unplugged - Cover

New album from Hansan

Hansan - Nattflykt - Album Cover

Hansan is a Swedish / German folk duo with roots in Folk and Jazz. Hansan blends lush haunting vocals with layers of intricate cello arrangements. “Du Du Du” is the first single released from the upcoming debut album.

Read more about the album from “Hansan” here

Hansan captures the Swedish melancholy like few others. Although all the songs on the debut album “Nattflykt” are self-composed, they make you think of everything from Jazz to old traditional folk songs. Hansan draw inspiration from the raging seas and the Swedish magical forests, but also covers more difficult subjects such as the me-too movement (Hej Då) and immigration (Sjung Min Lilla Näktergal).

First single Du Du Du, a song about break-up and independence, is released January 19th.

To make a whole album varied and exciting with just vocals and cello as the only components, Hansan has experimented with mould-breaking arrangements and chord changes that pick elements from both classical chamber music to jazzy grooves. A fifth string on the cello increases the depth of the soundscape and gives it an extra character of bass, and the different layers convey the feeling of an entire orchestra.

Modern yet traditional, light yet heavy – Hansan makes their own niche in Nordic Folk Music.

New album from Sofia Talvik on September 27, 2019

Paws of a Bear Album Cover

We are proud to release a new album from Sofia Talvik in September.

With the release of her new album Paws of a Bear in 2019, Swedish artist Sofia Talvik gazes upon her life’s journey, carefully weighing each chapter. Lead single “Take Me Home” recently debuted in the top ten on the U.S. Folk Radio Charts, offering a hint of what’s to come for this artist on the rise. Beneath timeless layers of lush string work and a voice as angelic as it is heart-rending, Talvik explores dualities of stagnation and freedom, sacrifice and dream-chasing, work and family, along the way experiencing personal revelations that forever shift her perspectives on time, life and love.
The first single “Take Me Home” has been featured on many radio station across the U.S and Europe.

Paws of a Bear Album Cover

During 2020 Sofia Talvik will do a couple of US and European tours to promote the release.

2018 Annual Christmas Single from Sofia Talvik

Every year Swedish artist Sofia Talvik writes a Christmas song to her fans. This year the title of the song is “Poem At Year’s End”

Sofia Talvik asked her fans what they thought she should write about this year, and many wanted something political.

“To be honest that made me feel exhausted” says Sofia. ”There has been so much politics, and so many fights the last few years that the last thing I wanted to do was to write a political Christmas song. So instead I decided to write something that everyone could listen to and enjoy with an open heart, and a calm mind. This is nothing more than a poem about the end of the year, and that is why I called it ”Poem At Year’s End”

The beautiful cello harmonies by David Floer, and soaring horns by Tim Fleming makes you think about 60’s folk songs, like the tunes of Nick Drake. Sofia’s angelic voice is bearing the tale about the passing of the year.

The song is available to download for free at https://music.sofiatalvik.com

Written by Sofia Talvik
Vocals and guitar by Sofia Talvik
Bass and horns by Tim Fleming
Cello by David Floer
Mixed and mastered by Sofia Talvik
© 2018 Makaki Music