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Sofia Talvik – Center of the Universe

Imagine yourself in a small rural village in Sweden. White-trimmed wooden houses that date back several hundred years are tucked in between the pines and birch tees next to the quiet lake where the sunlight glitters like gold on the gentle ripple. All around you, you can hear the buzzing of bumblebees, birds singing in the trees, and the sheep are grazing in a nearby pasture, surrounded by a hand tied willow fence.

This is Sulegång and it’s the place Sofia Talvik chose to record her new album ‘Center of the Universe’.

With a group of carefully selected musicians; Peyton Clifford and Drake Duffer on accordion, guitar, and mandolin (both hailing from North Carolina) and Janne Manninen on bass (from Sweden), she built up a studio in the living room of one of the old houses.

Sofia Talvik – Oh California

Hansan – Blod eller bläck

The Swedish-German duo Hansan is back with new songs after 2020’s acclaimed “Nattflykt”. The new album “Blod eller bläck” will be released on February 14th and will be preceded by three singles, “Sommarvisa” which was released in 2021, “Vårt långa land” which won the people’s vote in the category Contemporary Folk Music at the Folk and World Music Gala in 2021, but has not been officially released until now (16/1/2023), as well as the title track “Blod eller bläck” (30/1/2023).

Hansan – Blod eller bläck


Sofia Talvik – Center of the Universe – Released Today!

On her new 9th album ‘Center of the Universe’, Swedish born musician; Sofia Talvik, brings together her own distinctive nordic melancholy, Laurel Canyon vibes and modern folk mixed with bluegrass, further defining the path that is uniquely hers. Throughout the 10 songs on the album, there is a broad range of topics of some of …

Hansan släpper ny singel – ”Vårt långa land”

Makaki Music är glada att släppa första singeln ”Vårt långa land” från kommande albumet ”Blod eller bläck” Lyssna här – https://orcd.co/gaqpkpx Hansan – Blod eller bläck Release date – 14/2/2023 Record label: Makaki Music Svensk-Tyska duon Hansan är tillbaka med nya låtar efter 2020s rosade ”Nattflykt”. Nya albumet ”Blod eller bläck” släpps 14e februari och …

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