Hansan – Smultronblom och vit jasmin

Makaki Music is proud to present a new song from Hansan today!

Hansan’s new summer single, “Smultronblom och Vit Jasmin” (Strawberry blossoms and White Jasmin) takes the listener on a nostalgic journey to an idyllic summer world. With poetic lyrics describing a day under the trees, surrounded by linden flowers, oaks, and the scent of wild strawberry blossom and white jasmine, the song captures a sense of timeless romance and nordic melancholy.

The song tells of a moment of closeness and silence, where everything that needed to be said has already been said. “Smultronblom och Vit Jasmin” is a tribute to those moments when the world feels distant and only the present exists, framed by the beauty of nature.

Hansan – Smultronblom och vit jasmin

Hansan is a Swedish-German duo who has released two acclaimed full-length albums, “Nattflykt” in 2020 and “Blod eller Bläck” in 2023, which included the single “Vårt Långa Land” (Our Long Country)that won the audience award at the “Swedish Folk and World Music Awards” in 2021. Hansan’s music can best be described as New Acoustic, with mixed influences from everything from movie score compositions to 60’s jazz and classical music.

“Smultronblom och Vit Jasmin” is written and recorded by Hansan, mixed and mastered by Hans Olsson at Svenska Grammofonstudion, and released by Makaki Music.