Sofia Talvik – Drivin’ & Dreaming LIVE – Signed CD


Drivin’ & Dreaming LIVE – Signed CD

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You know that dream that you carry deep inside of you. The one you secretly hope one day will come true, but there are so many obstacles and you don’t know if you have the courage to take the leap? I had a dream like that. It was the dream of touring the United States, playing my music in every little town I could find and doing it my own way, grassroots style.

I finally took that leap. I fulfilled my dream.

In November 2011, with two months of shows booked, I left my life in Sweden and bought a one-way ticket to America. Starting out in Florida, I bought an old RV from ’94 that my husband and I spent two weeks renovating. It became our home for over a year and took us from state to state and town to town, as we kept booking and playing our way through the country.

We recorded almost all of the 250+ shows on the tour and have chosen the best of the best to be featured on this live album. If you weren’t able to make it to any of the concerts, here’s your chance to experience it, just like you were there in the room with me.

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